Universal GoPro Mount for Skybean Chase XC

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A Universal GoPro Mount for your Skybean Chase XC. This mod will allow you to use any GoPro or action camera with similar mounting systems. You can even use a GoPro Max or Insta360 One R to obtain amazing 360 footage that you can reframe afterwards.

Made out of carbon fiber reinforced polycarbonate, same durable material which the Chase XC is made from.

Installation is simple:

1. Remove the screw on the back black nut and remove the black nut.

2. Unscrew the assembly from the white nylon bolt.

3. Remove the white nylon bolt from stock housing and install it on the Universal Mount Mod.

4. Screw the assembly back on the white nylon nut.

5. Screw the black nut back on.

6. Instal the screw back on the black nut.

7. Remove the bungee line from the stock housing and attach it to the Universal Mount Mod